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Inventive Parking Solution & Service

30years of exelence in slaes traning solutions

Welcome to the INVENTIVE PARKING SOLUTION to enables seamless real time use of smart parking for commercial areas, shopping malls, institutes,religious places, industrial areas, and big organizations. At IPS., we believe in top- notch quality and customer service. We endeavor to offer the best convenient parking solution at an affordable charge.

Why Choose Us

All of our parking solutions are designed to make the entire process reliable, predictable and enhance the existing level of security regardless of whatever your live status, process, or systems.
With the user registration in the system, a unique identifier is created for him or her.
With the user registration, it has the booking details, and the registration confirmation, entire time, entry time, remaining time , exit time alert messages sending to the user.
From optimizing car park occupancy, managing parking availability,generating people parking revenue and reducing carbon footprint, discover how IPS is driving results for some of the biggest corporate areas in the world.

Our Products

50-60 Hz Ms Parking Slot Guidance System
50-60 Hz Ms Parking Slot Guidance System
Voltage 220-240V
Frequency 50-60 Hz
No Of Levels 4 th floor
Body Material MS
Automation Grade Automatic
Power Source Electric
Display Type Digital

Product Description

Parking Slot Guidance System is used to display the availability of Parking slots in a parking area also called parking zone. In a shopping mall there are 5 floors, when the vehicle will enter, the parking slot guidance system will show the no of vacant slots available on each floor.

Puzzle Parking System
Puzzle Parking System

Features :

  • Independent Parking
  • Parking possible in 2 to 6 levels above the ground, underground and combination of both.
  • Low parking and retrieval times – average of 60 to 90 seconds per car.
  • Saving costly footprint area – upto 200% possible
  • Flexible grid structure – series of 2 to 10 columns in a grid is possible
  • Back-to-back grids and Parking possible
  • Built in Operational and Functional Safety features
  • Rugged steel design, Corrosion resistant coating
  • Low Power Consumption
  • User friendly – Car retrieval using Push Button / Coded keys



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