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About Us

About Inventive Parking Solution

The most flexible intelligent car parking system the “IPS” you'll ever find.

IPS – In the contemporary era IPS provides solution with cutting edge technology and it is a cross-practical group united via way of means of the notion withinside the transformative power of digital technology and leader in the design, development and management of car parking technology.

We specialize in making the car parking management system smart,efficient, easy & much less susceptible to guide errors. We offer a wide range of parking solutions for big exceptional regions and consulting and provide the system also.

With our focus firmly on customer experience, our Indian-based technology division, along with a rapidly growing global network of expert partners, aims to bring our intelligent parking system and integrated smart parking solutions to the world.

Transparent, revenue draining slights are often chalked up to the price of running a conventional parking management system. But they don’t have to be. Our technology makes it feasible to highlight, and solve ancient,pesky problems.

  • IOT based system which provides CLOUD based solution and can connect with application.
  • To date, our advanced real-time vehicle parking contrivance solution came up, known as i-Eagle.
  • This system transforms the multi-storey parking experience for drivers by providing high-visibility, colour coded light sensor overhead guidance indicators that are dynamically controlled by your IPS business rules, allowing users to see the availability of entire rows of parking bays at a glance.
  • IPS accurately capture a vehicle's arrival and departure times, relaying this information to Cloud via device system.
  • Allowing real-time live parking information to be viewed on multiple devices and send indication to the administration and update details on live LCD screen visual map-based display and also in website according to indication of parking status. Our vision sensor Message Signs are perfect for any site wishing to notify staff and visitors. Our signs are fully programmable and can be supplied with a range of options including vehicle automation and automated messages.
  • Automatic barrier on/off service is also included in IPS , in which after successful registration and parking is allocated , it will indicate to the barrier to open automatically and close automatically when no payments or registration has done.

Our Mission

Our objective is to ensure our customers have no parking worries.We achieve this by :
  • Providing state-of-the-art parking technologies.
  • Offering superior customer service.
  • Providing a simple yet smooth parking experience.
  • Maximizing the value and potential of our car park's assets.

Our Vision

IPS is driven by a clear vision for the future. To offer frictionless and time saving parking solutions through ultra modern technologies combined with exceptional customer experience where the journey begins and ends with us an efficient, flexible, seamless and happy.

Meet Our Advisors

Mr. Aplesh Chauhan