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Our Service


IPS is Smart Parking's real-time, global-scale, intelligent IoT services platform, which allows sophisticated and adaptable services to be built via open web interfaces.
Parking Manage reliable and robust Solution
As the world’s most innovative car park solutions provider, IPS is a complete, end-to-end solution that pairs a network of sensors, feature displays and live gateways with a powerful and intuitive web-based platform.
Consultant / Parking Architecture
We also provides graphical user interface including device technical solutions of parking architecture application to other service providers as we support several important initiatives as a technology provider and an independent business.
Tactical Enforcement
Protect your parking investment via an automated system capable of providing specialized alerts, various levels of personnel clearance, and noteworthy violation trends.
Automate Everything
Save time by automating all reservation tasks: show up-to- date availability and immediate price quotations, ask for any information on the booking form, handle cancellations, modifications and set up automatic confirmations.
Process Online Payments
Make your payment online. supports the most popular payment gateways. You can configure deposit and tax payments.
View Periodic Reports
Generate automatic reports for all bookings and extras within a selected period. Thus you can analyze your business results and take corrective measures, if necessary.
Email & SMS Notifications
Stay up to date with the latest car parking bookings and payments and send your clients electronic confirmations. You can customize your Emails and SMS messages.
The safety of our clients’ data and intellectual property is at the top of our priorities. We have effective data practices and information governance in place and always respect the client’s know-how.
Convert System to Application
Convert System to Application Allow your customers to make reservations easily using a free iPhone or Android frontend application. We offer applications also to turn over smart parking management into users’ smartphones via the application.
IOT Solution
IPS provides a real-time, global scale, intelligent IoT services platform that enables sophisticated and flexible services to be created using open web interfaces. This allows a complete solution for connecting, managing, and absorbing data from IoT devices.
User Friendly
If a parking slot is linked with the application then the user can customize their feasible uses. It aids users to know their parking timing via a timer and users can also done their payment online and manage their parking bills.
Reliable platform
IoT solution meant we have been able to completely redefine and streamline how we manage the deployment, activation, and administration of a range of smart sensors and devices. It is an innovative, overarching service platform that gathers data from thousands of installed sensors and devices, and, in turn, processes this information into valuable, real-time reporting and events.